how to increase wrist size: Exercise and Training methods

There is an opinion among the people that it is unrealistic to increase your wrists on your own. But you do not need to believe in this, because there are many good examples when athletes with thin hands have managed to develop them to huge sizes. Here answer to question how to increase wrist size lyes.  If you look closely at bodybuilders, you will notice that their hands look harmonious with the rest of the pumped up body. At the same time, it becomes clear that they were not born with such wrists, but simply developed them. It is important to understand that the hands are a complex area of ​​the body that is difficult to change. But there are tons of ways to make your wrist bigger.

How To Increase Wrist Size

Often people want to strengthen their hands and enlarge their wrists in these three cases:

  1. Sports activities during which you need to lift a heavy load. For example, if you have weak arms, it is impossible to pump up your biceps and other muscle groups.
  2. Fans of martial arts and boxers always need constant development of their wrists. This is due to the fact that such training helps to execute strong blows.
  3. Natural hand weakness that prevents you from performing various daily tasks or any other hard work.
How To Increase Wrist Size

During the development of the wrists, you need to pay attention to a little warm-up, because it is very easy to harm your hands, even when using small weights. Tendon microtrauma is a common problem when performing various exercises. They will make themselves felt very strongly in old age. To avoid such micro-injuries, you should do a little warm-up. To do this, you need to put your hands in a “lock”, and after that you need to perform waves with your hands. This exercise warms up your wrists very well. It must be performed for three minutes. Then you can switch to general exercises. However, you need to start with the easy ones and gradually move on to heavy manipulations. This will make it possible to avoid injury and insure yourself.

It is important to be patient, because strengthening muscles takes a lot of time from a person. After completing a few effective exercises, the athlete will not be able to have powerful claws the next morning. Consistency of training is an important factor in getting a positive result. You don’t need to arrange “weekend” days for yourself simply because of your laziness.

Many newcomers to the sport use elastic bandages to strengthen their forearms. However, this does not allow you to get the result from the training that you expect. The wrists will not be stronger if different weights are lifted with these bandages. It is better to do exercises with a low weight to achieve a good result. It is important to know that the change in wrist width is directly related to body design. Therefore, you should not count on huge wrists if the person himself is thin by nature.

Exercises for the wrists pump up

When deciding how you can increase your wrists on your own, you need to understand that you cannot do without simulators and sports equipment. An expander is a common tool now. But athletes do not always manage to choose a model for themselves that allows them to pump up their wrists. For beginners, it is better to choose an expander with medium hardness, and after that you can gradually increase the load. It is best to purchase two resistance bands – one soft for warm-ups, and the other for basic manipulations.

Exercises For The Wrists Pump Up

There are several exercises on how to increase wrist size or pump up wrists:

  • Stretching
  • Flexion of the arms at the wrists.
  • Reverse stretch
  • Curl of arms for biceps
  • Squeezing pancakes
  • Wrist Roller Workouts
  • Fist push-up
  • Exercise for the wrist after a fracture


Stretching should be done with all workouts, for this reason it is important to include it in your warm-up. If an athlete naturally has poorly developed wrists, then he needs to stretch before training. Stretching begins with the fact that the athlete needs to get on all fours and point his fingers in his direction. Next, it is necessary to gradually stir the torso back until the tension in the wrist area. It is important in this case not to overdo it. You can also stretch your wrist in the cobra pose. To do this, lie face down on the floor. In this case, you need to direct your hands to yourself. This exercise is very effective.

Flexion of the arms at the wrists.

This exercise can be done at home to increase the flexibility and strength of the forearm muscles. Doing flexions can increase your wrists over time. From the very beginning, you need to put your hands, palms up, on your leg. In this case, the forearms should lie entirely on the legs. It is also necessary to take the load in your hand and gradually lower it down. Such exercises for the wrists take 5 seconds, after which the hands can be returned to their previous position. You need to complete 2 approaches, 10 times for each hand. For great results, do it 4 times a week.

Reverse stretch

By doing this post-workout stretch, you can reduce pain and the risk of injury. You need to do it after any workout. To do this, the athlete needs to bend one hand at the wrist so that the palm is on the inside. With the other hand, you need to press a little on the first to increase the flexion. This hold should take up to 10 seconds. After that, you can switch to the other hand and repeat all the manipulations.

Curl of arms for biceps

Although this exercise trains the biceps, it also strengthens and increases the wrist. When performing this exercise, the athlete needs to keep the hands and forearms straight. First, you need to take the barbell from the bottom, while using a little weight. You need to stand straight and keep the barbell at hip level. After that, you need to try to pull the barbell with your wrists. You should perform the same number of approaches as with a simple biceps workout. This exercise should be done using a reverse grip.

Squeezing pancakes

Many do not know how to pump up their wrists, so they make a lot of mistakes and do not give themselves the opportunity to get the result they expect. Squeezing pancakes is often used to pump up your wrists, strengthen your forearms, and improve your grip. You can lift not only pancakes, but also other heavy loads. The exercise begins with taking 1-2 pancakes into the hand and holding it perpendicular to the floor. First you need to squat, and then rise. After completing the exercise with one hand, you can safely switch to the other hand. It is important to perform 3 approaches 10 times each or any other number of times at your discretion. In the absence of pancakes, you can take a thick book.

Wrist Roller Workouts

Often this projectile can be seen in athletes in gyms. If you wish, you can do it yourself. Such a roller is a short bar with a rope to which a weight is attached. The athlete should take the bar with both hands, palms down and twist it back and forth, as when riding a motorcycle. You need to do 3 sets of 10 times.

Fist push-up

By performing this exercise, you can not only strain your wrists, but also strengthen your forearms. It is important for the athlete to keep the forearm arms straight. For beginners, it is better to do 3 sets of 10 times.

Exercise for the wrist after a fracture

The most effective exercises after a wrist fracture are done with twisting. By changing directions of movement, an athlete can easily engage several muscle groups. It can be performed even at home as a set of rehabilitation exercises after injuries. The athlete needs to pick up dumbbells or any other heavy load. After that, it is necessary to gradually move the dumbbells away from you and return to the starting position again. You need to do two approaches 10 times. You need to train 4 times a week.

If a person wants to pump up their wrists, it is important to regularly do all the exercises for this and do not forget about warm-up and stretching. You should not wait for the result immediately after the first workout, because it can be noticed not earlier than after six months of regular training.

Small muscle work: how to pump up the wrists

It makes no sense to train strong muscles of the shoulder and forearm if the hands remain frail and thin. The strength of the hand is manifested not only during friendly handshakes – a number of exercises cannot be performed without pumped up and strong fingers and wrists. Therefore, if you want to become a professional athlete or just have a harmoniously developed body, you cannot do without working out the small muscles of the arms. In this article, you will learn how to pump up your wrists with a variety of shells and exercises.

Small Muscle Work: How To Pump Up The Wrists

What is the Wrist made of

The wrist is made up of eight small bones; the metacarpus is made up of five. Each finger is divided into three phalanges. In this case, the muscles of the hand are connected by a solid pattern.

The muscles are divided into three groups:

Average. It consists of small worm-like muscles ranging from the deep layers of the tendons to the proximal phalanges. The function of these muscles is to flex the proximal phalanges of the three middle fingers, bring them and extend them to the sides.

Thumb muscles. This group forms an eminence (hill) around the base of the thumb. These muscles originate at the proximal phalanx and end at the first bone of the metacarpus and the sesamoid bone. This complex muscle structure allows the thumb to be very mobile and withstand a lot of stress.

Muscles of the little finger. They form an eminence on the outer edge of the palm. They start at the wrist and attach to the fifth metacarpal bone. Their function is to ensure the mobility of the little finger.

All of these muscles stretch from the toes up to the forearm, which gives the wrist a high degree of flexibility.

The grip strength of a person is provided by the joint work of the muscles of the hand and forearm. Therefore, for strong wrists, some inflated fingers will not be enough. To increase the strength of such small muscles, it is necessary to perform a whole complex of training.

Training methods

  • Flexion of the arms
  • With wrist expander
  • Reverse stretch
  • Stretching
  • Squeezing pancakes
  • Roller exercise

Flexion of the arms

Flexion Of The Arms

This exercise is very easy to do. It helps to increase muscle strength and flexibility in the arm ligaments. Starting position: sitting on a bench, the body is tilted forward, the hands of the forearms are on the hips. It is necessary to take a weighting agent in the hand – a kettlebell or a dumbbell – and raise the palm with the outfit up. You should stay at the top point for at least 6-7 seconds. Return to starting position. Do 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps.

With wrist expander

With Wrist Expander

This method of pumping up the hands is most effective due to the targeted effect on the muscles. The shell itself is cheap and takes up little storage space. The principle of its use is very simple: you should squeeze the equipment in your hand, training your fingers, palm and forearm. The minimum number of repetitions: 50-60 times in one approach, which should be 4-5.

Reverse stretch

Reverse Stretch

This exercise not only trains the muscles, but also allows you to get rid of discomfort after training. It is very important to follow the correct stretching technique.

You need to do the following: bend your palm, placing it with the back side outward behind your back so that your thumb “looks” inward. If possible, you can lean on your working hand to increase the load. It is advisable to perform this stretching for two to three minutes. Sometimes the palm is placed on the fingers in front of oneself, leaning on the first phalanges and pressing the open palm to the forearm.


This exercise is an indispensable part of the warm-up if playing sports involves high activity of the small muscles of the arms.

The exercise consists of the following steps:

Starting position: standing on all fours, turn the hands so that the fingers look inward, at the stomach.

Then you should bend forward, moving your body weight onto your hands.

It is very important to be careful not to damage the ligaments.


An equally effective way to stretch your wrists is the cobra pose. You need to lie on the floor face down and direct your arms towards you, raising your elbows. This exercise came to the sport from Eastern martial and spiritual practices (in particular, yoga).

Squeezing pancakes

Squeezing Pancakes

This method is very effective for developing grip strength. Pancakes from the bar should be taken with one hand and held by the border perpendicular to the floor. Better to take one or two shells. The mass should be large, but not so much as not to hold the pancake and drop it on your feet.

At first, it is recommended to perform the exercise while sitting, and only after prolonged training can you straighten your legs and hold the projectile at a height of about a meter. Holding the pancake must be carried out alternately with each hand. Exercise time: 40-50 seconds of static load or 30 seconds for 5-6 raised limbs with a plate.

Roller exercise

Roller Exercise

This special trainer is found in every gym. If you exercise at home, you can use a short bar or dumbbell with a rope attached to it. You need to grab the bar with two palms and roll it back and forth. To enlarge the wrists, you should perform at least 5-6 approaches 30 times.

Hand development workouts

  • This complex includes a large number of exercises.
  • One-day gymnastics looks like this:
  • lesson on the horizontal bar;
  • barbell workout.
  • Let’s take a closer look at all of the above.

Squeezing and unclenching the Hand

Squeezing And Unclenching The Hand

This simplest exercise is both part of a warm-up and an element of developing flexibility in the tendons of the hand. It is very easy to accomplish.

It consists of two stages:

Clench your fist as hard as possible and stay in this position for as long as possible.

Straighten your fingers with force, bending them as much as possible and bringing them closer to the back of the hand.

To reduce the risk of injury, this exercise should be done daily. Each person determines the required amount of time individually, but not less than two minutes, even for beginners.

Horizontal bar

Horizontal Bar

Wide grip pull-ups are very useful for the muscles of the hand. Starting position: hanging on a horizontal bar, legs bent, palms in a straight grip. As you exhale, you need to bend your elbows and rise so that the metal tube is at the level of the collarbones, and the head is much higher than the crossbar. On inhalation, you need to lower yourself, trying not to swing.

The usual hang on the bar is no less effective. It is good for the spine because it saturates the intervertebral cartilage with blood. You need to hang on the horizontal bar for at least two minutes. There are no limits – the longer you hang, the better. You need to wear special gloves so as not to earn a large number of blisters or slip off the projectile.



The most effective grip in this case is straight. You need to bend over to a barbell or an empty bar with your knees slightly bent. Then, on the exhale, take the bar, linger in the slope with the projectile for a few seconds and straighten up, holding the bar at hip level. After that, you need to bring the shoulder blades together (this is the most important part of the exercise!) And stand in this position for 10-15 seconds. On inhalation, you should gently lower the projectile to the ground.

Push ups

Push Ups

This type of load is very specific, because very few people manage to perform this exercise without “concessions”. The bottom line is very simple: do push-ups on your fingers, so that they do not bend in the opposite direction. When the level of skill grows, you can stand on some extreme phalanxes. This is how the warriors who learned the basics of martial arts trained.

If you cannot keep your weight on your hands, at first it is better not to take risks and lean on your knees.

Barbell workout

It is necessary to put your forearms on your knees in a sitting position and take the barbell in your hands. Slowly do wrist flexion and extension with a weight. In the upper and lower position, you should linger for two to three seconds in order to work out the muscles and tendons more efficiently.

How to combine exercises

It is best to train your arms using a holistic approach. It should include as many elements as possible.

The following workout plan is suitable for beginners:

As the experience grows, challenging toe push-ups, deadlifts, pancake squeezes and deep back stretches can be added.

How to pump up your wrists

For some reason, there is an opinion that it is impossible to pump up the wrists . Remember, if someone tells you, or you read somewhere on your own that the wrists cannot be enlarged, then do not believe this, since there are dozens of fairly successful examples when people with thin hands developed them to impressive sizes. At least, look at famous bodybuilders – their hands, they often look harmonious, but don’t you think that they were born immediately with such big wrists and hands? It is worth recognizing the fact that the hands are a rather complex part of the body, which is really not so easy to develop, but still there are techniques.

Warm up

When developing the wrists, it is important to pay special attention to the warm-up, since injuring the wrists is not tricky, even with low weights. Among the most popular injuries when doing exercises on the wrists, one can single out microtrauma to the tendons – which in old age can remind of themselves very seriously. Therefore, before the exercises, do a simple warm-up – fold your hands with a “lock”, and start depicting waves with your hands – it looks very funny, but it perfectly warms up the wrists. Such an exercise is a wave, do it for 2-3 minutes, after which you can start exercising, but always go from the easiest for yourself, to the harder ones – this will give additional insurance to your wrists.

Pump up your wrists – exercise

Expander work is a key exercise for the development of the wrists, simultaneously with the wrists, other muscles of the hand will be worked out, so there is no question of “concentrating” the exercise on the wrists, but as a complex exercise, this exercise is well suited. But what really makes the wrists grow is the circular movements of the hands when you hold the dumbbells. It is better not to do this exercise with both hands at the same time, and it is better to rest your elbow on the bench. Large weights in this exercise are contraindicated, although you probably would not be able to do the exercise with heavy dumbbells, for a beginner, a weight of 3-4 kilograms will be optimal, and then, gradually, with the development of the wrists, you can increase the weight. Try to rotate your brushes as extensively as possible – that is, describe the widest possible circle. Such rotational movements give excellent results, but far from fast – this is due to the peculiarity of the structure of the wrists of people, on average, for the first serious visual changes, it will take 8-9 months of regular exercise. Regular classes are 3-4 times a week, without fanaticism, that is, 2-3 minutes of rotations, 3-4 trips each, with breaks of 3 minutes.

How to enlarge your wrists

Let’s face it, and admit the fact that there are really very few muscles in the wrists, and there is simply nothing to “pump” there, but the tendons tend to adapt to loads, and grow – this gives a visual increase in the wrists, the main thing is – do not rush, the tendons from wild loads are more likely to fail than grow faster. To help, or accelerate, increase the wrists, eat well so that the body receives all the necessary trace elements and vitamins, otherwise the tendons, in poor nutritional conditions, will simply wear out, and not strengthen and grow.

How to pump up your wrists? Myths, best tips and workouts for strengthening your hands

How To Increase Wrist Size: Best Strengthen Hands Workouts

Sooner or later, any athlete is faced with the question of how to pump up the wrists. This task is very difficult, but not impossible. You just need to find the right exercises and do them regularly.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that there are very few muscles on the wrists, and therefore there is not much to pump. But at the same time, even the smallest increase in volume can give them a more solid and massive look. Strong and voluminous wrists are an indispensable component of a sports body.

The absence of a large number of muscles in the wrist area does not make the task insoluble, since they can be enlarged and strengthened due to the tendons. They are the main objects for study.

Tendons, like muscles, adapt to stress, grow and get stronger, which in turn gives a considerable increase in hand strength. So, how to pump up your wrists and make them bulky and strong?

The content of the article:

How to pump up your wrists? Carpal expander as an example of an effective method

This nondescript and simple tool can significantly increase hand strength and work the muscles and tendons in the wrist area. Those who really want to achieve a positive result need not only deal with it, they need to love it. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the gym, and not everyone has dumbbells or a barbell at home.

But the wrist expander is not an expensive thing and does not take up much space, but what is it worth getting out of your pocket in between cases and doing it a couple of dozen times. Regular exercise with an expander can do wonders for your hands and wrists.

Bodyweight exercises

To get started, perform the simplest exercises without using shells and improvised items.

  • Stretch your arms out in front of you, palms down. Firmly clench your hands into fists and hold for a second, unclench. Perform the required number of repetitions.
  • The position of the hands is the same. Bend the arms at the wrists upward so that the hand, in the extreme position, is perpendicular to the forearm.
  • A similar exercise, only downward bends of the wrists.
Bodyweight Exercises

Exercises on the bar

Every boy from childhood knows that the horizontal bar is the very first assistant in the development of all muscle groups. Any exercises on the bar are done using the hands, which means that the wrists are worked out along with all the other muscles. Despite this, there are several exercises that work this area even better, namely:

  • Pulling up or hanging on your fingertips.
  • Hang in the extreme upper position. To do this, you need to pull yourself up on the horizontal bar and hold in this position as much as you can. You can perform the exercise by grasping the bar with both normal and reverse grip.
  • Pull-ups on ropes or towels. To do this, they need to be tied to the crossbar and, holding them with your hands, perform pull-ups. Rope climbing has a similar and no less effective effect on the wrists.
  • Pull-ups on a thickened tube. You can use a plastic pipe to thicken the bar, or throw an existing towel over it.

Push ups

This exercise can also be performed in different variations while training different muscle groups. With the help of some of its types, you can work out the wrists and hands by subjecting them to greater loads than with classic push-ups. The catch is that they are not suitable for beginners, and in order to perform them you need to be physically fit and have strong hands.

When the wrists and fingers have sufficient strength, you can begin to perform push-ups leaning on the fingers. At first, you can focus on your knees. When the arms are strong enough, you can move on to a full exercise with an emphasis on the toes.

The same applies to the next variation, namely push-ups on the outside of the palms. It is very important to do the exercise carefully so as not to injure yourself.

Dumbbells and barbells for Increasing wrist size

When pumping your wrists, you don’t need to chase heavy weights. This will not lead to anything good. Using heavy dumbbells and barbells can damage the tendons. All previous successes will burn out, and after a long recovery process, you will need to start all over again.

1) We take a dumbbell of light weight. We place the forearms on the thigh or bench parallel to the floor. The dumbbell hand hangs down and rotated perpendicular to the floor. We lower the brush to the extreme lower position, then raise it to the extreme upper. We perform the required number of repetitions and change the hand.

2) Exercise similar to the first, only place the hand with the palm up. After the required number of repetitions, we take the dumbbell in the other hand and repeat the exercise. It is better to perform it not on both hands at once, but individually. This will allow you to better concentrate on the correct execution. You can also use a barbell for this exercise.

3) The position of the hand is similar to the first two exercises, but now the palm is facing down. To do this, you will need a dumbbell or barbell of less weight, since the wrist extensors are weaker than the flexors, and they need to create less load. We make movements to the lowest position and lift up. We perform the required number of repetitions.

4) The next exercise is similar to the second, with the palm facing up. The difference lies in the fact that during the movement of the hand to the lowest point, you need to unbend the fingers. At this time, the dumbbell rolls to the fingertips. With the reverse movement, bending the fingers, return the dumbbells to the palm and squeeze, raise the brush up.

5) Take a dumbbell in your hand and place your forearm on your thigh or bench so that your palm is turned down. Perform rotational movements, first in one direction, then in the other direction.

6) Take the barbell behind your back and assume a standing position. The palms are turned back. The arms are straight, only the hands work. Raise and lower the barbell by bending your arms at the wrists. It is important that when moving down, the fingers are extended as much as possible and the palm opens. In the lowest position, the bar is held at the fingertips. Further, the fingers are compressed and an upward movement is performed.

Another exercise that can work your wrists and forearms pretty well is the Zottman curls. While doing it, many other muscle groups develop, but the crawl that it exerts on the forearms and wrists cannot be ignored.

The exercise is performed in this order:

The Exercise Is Performed In This Order:
  • In a standing position, you need to take dumbbells in both hands. The elbows are pressed to the body, the shoulders are motionless, the palms are turned towards the body.
  • We begin to lift the dumbbells for biceps and at the same time turn our hands with palms up.
  • When the dumbbells are at shoulder level, stop moving and hold them for a few seconds.
  • Further, in the extreme upper position, we turn the brushes around the axis so that the palms are looking down.
  • Lower the dumbbells and rotate the brushes at the same time. In the lower position, the palms should be facing the body.
  • We do the same for the required number of repetitions.

This is just a small part of the exercises with which you can pump your wrists, but performing them you can achieve good results and see the fruits of your work in a few months.

Well that’s it, strengthen your wrists correctly! And remember that the one who tries to succeed. See you soon in new articles.

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