gym workout plan for weight loss

The goal of most people who go to the gym is to get rid of excess body weight, but there are no universal workout programs that can ensure a positive result for everyone.

You should take into account the current weight, problem areas of the body, physical fitness, health status and other factors affecting the preparation of an individual Gym Workout Plan For Weight Loss.

Gym Workout Plan For Weight Loss

creating Gym Workout Plan For Weight Loss

Losing weight is the main task of people who have not visited the gym before and have started their physical form.

An individual training program should be drawn up for them, based on the following principles:

  • The primary task is to put in order the cardiovascular system and determine the loads at the initial stage, depending on its state. Overloading the heart during training can cause serious health problems, so the load should be increased gradually, while monitoring the reaction from the body. The main indicators to look out for are: respiratory rate, pulse, and blood pressure.
  • Simultaneously with a visit to the gym, the diet should be normalized, since with systematic overeating or the consumption of potentially harmful foods, even the most intense workouts will not be able to provide a positive result. It is usually recommended to give up easily digestible carbohydrates, but only a professional nutritionist can draw up a suitable nutritional program, taking into account the individual person’s need for proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
  • Cardio is an essential part of any weight loss program, but if you are overweight, it can lead to rapid fatigue and negatively affect your heart. You should start with them, exercising at an easy or moderate pace, but increasing the load weekly.
  • Strength exercises are performed only after cardio workout, when the muscles are warm enough for intense exercise. They are the main part of the workout, its main task is to expend the maximum amount of energy, which will lead to an accelerated burning of subcutaneous fat reserves. It should be borne in mind that strength exercises will only contribute to the normalization of weight, but not to building muscle mass: for these purposes, other programs are drawn up, which can be switched to after solving the issue of losing weight.
  • The rate of fat burning depends on the correct choice of weights and the rest time between sets. You can determine the correct weight by performing up to 20 repetitions of all the exercises included in the training program: there should be enough physical strength for the entire course, and it is also necessary to maintain a small margin for several additional repetitions.

Gym Workout for beginners

Gym Workout For Beginners
chubby man walking on running track, warming up on gym treadmill.

An example workout program for people who have not previously visited a gym might look like this:

  • Classes for beginners are held 3 times a week , days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Cardio training: in the presence of excess weight, it is important not to overload yourself, for a start, brisk walking on a treadmill is suitable, gradually it will be replaced by running at a moderate pace.
  • In the first week on Monday and Friday, training is carried out according to scheme A, which includes: squats with weights, bench press and at the block with an increased load on the triceps, reverse barbell, lifting on toes with the use of a special simulator.
  • On the Wednesday of the first training week, classes are carried out according to scheme B, which includes: plank, barbell lift, deadlift and classic pull-ups.
  • In the second week, classes are carried out according to a similar program , according to the A and B scheme, they change by day.

Gym Workout Plans For Weight Loss

beginners Gym Workout Plan For Weight Loss

There are various options for training programs, including those aimed at eliminating fat deposits localized in certain areas of the body. The most popular and effective workout schemes are discussed in detail below.

Circular workouts

Many trainers recommend starting workouts in the gym with circuit training – they evenly affect all muscle groups, but they do not contribute to their growth, but to moderate fat burning.

The basic principles of circuit training are as follows:

  • Exercise of the muscles of the whole body in one day.
  • Limiting the weight limit on the equipment to ensure high intensity.
  • Repetition of circles with little or no rest.
  • Each circle should include no more than 10 different exercises.

For a circuit training, any exercises aimed at working the muscles of the whole body are suitable:

  • Men are encouraged to perform leg presses on special machines, deadlifts from a standing position, classic barbell lifting, hand press on a bench, squatting arms with additional weighting, classic push-ups from the floor.
  • For women, various options for twisting, squatting and lunges in different directions with weights in the form of dumbbells, lifting the upper and lower extremities from a supine position, performing the exercise “Bicycle” in a supine position, jumping and lying with hold are suitable.

Fitness program For Weight Loss

The fitness program performed in the gym allows you to lose weight only when the diet is normalized to ensure a negative energy balance.

Classes involve 4 workouts per week, the fitness program for weight loss is described in detail below:

  • On the first day after the warm-up, reverse crunches, squats and lunges using a barbell, press and flexion of the lower limbs on the simulator, raise the legs in the hanging, pull to the belt and chest on the simulator are performed. All exercises are performed in 3 sets, during each 10 to 15 repetitions are done. In addition, classic twists, lifting the lower limbs in hanging and twisting on a block simulator are performed: these exercises also require 3 approaches, the number of repetitions is maximum.
  • On the second day , a warm-up is carried out again, after which a press and arm extension are performed with weight while lying on the bench, bending the arms with weight and a load directed to the biceps in a standing position, a seated dumbbell press, arm extension with weight while standing: all exercises require 3 sets 12-14 repetitions. Triceps extensions in a supine position and on a special simulator are performed in 2 sets with 10-12 repetitions. In addition, classic twisting and twisting on a block trainer are done: 3 approaches are performed with the maximum number of repetitions.
  • On the third day , cardiac training is practiced, which implies only aerobic exercise. For this, jumping rope, a bicycle, brisk walking on a treadmill, and elliptical training are suitable. Before such a workout, a warm-up is also required.
  • On the fourth day, training is carried out in a similar way, only aerobic exercise is needed.

Fat burning complex

An effective gym fat-burning complex will be an interval training that includes cardio training and strength training.

A similar program for a week is detailed below:

  • On Monday , basic exercises are practiced, aimed at working out the main muscle groups. The barbell row on straight legs, the press with the lower limbs on the simulator and the upper block pull are repeated 8-10 times, in total 5 approaches are done. Dumbbell press in a sitting position and classic push-ups from the floor are done in 4 sets, 10-12 and 8-10 repetitions are required, respectively. The workout ends with a bar, which also requires 4 approaches, the execution time is no more than a minute. Depending on how you feel, a break of 2 to 5 minutes is allowed between approaches.
  • On Tuesday , a comprehensive cardio workout is carried out, it begins with a two-minute run on the track at the fastest pace, then a plank is done, burles and beats on a pear – a minute is allocated for all exercises. All the exercises described are carried out without interruption, in total it is necessary to complete 4 such circles, between which respites of 1 to 3 minutes are allowed.
  • On Wednesday , a set of fat-burning exercises with small weights is performed. A pull of the upper blocks with a wide grip, swinging arms with a weight in the form of a kettlebell, a pull on one straight leg, lifting on a step platform and walking lunges with a weight are suitable: in total, 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions are performed, the last exercise is performed on each leg for separately. You can complete the workout by raising the lower limbs from a prone position: 4 approaches are done, each should include from 12 to 20 repetitions, depending on the degree of fatigue. A break of 1 to 4 minutes is allowed between all approaches.
  • Supersets are performed on Friday , working in combination on the upper and lower body. These include squats with weights with the widest stance of the legs and pulls of the upper blocks, lunges with weights and raising the arms through the sides in a standing position, reverse twisting and raising the arms through the sides while tilting, bending the lower limbs on a special simulator and training on “Butterfly” simulator, twisting the body in a supine position and gluteal bridge on the floor, lifting toes with weights and extending the arms from behind the head. All supersets are performed in 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions, between them there is a break of 2-3 minutes.
  • On Saturdays, there is only one hour of cardio workout: running on the treadmill at a moderate pace, cycling and elliptical trainers are suitable.

Power loads For Weight Loss

Strength training is useful because it allows you not only to lose weight, but also to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, increase overall performance, develop and improve muscle tone, and improve health.

Strength training is most effective according to the following schemes:

  • Strength training in a circular pattern described earlier in the article. For such exercises, you can independently choose from 3 to 5 strength exercises aimed at working out muscles from various groups: each of them is repeated 10-15 times, there are no breaks. Rest is provided only between sets, there should be 3-4 of them in total within one workout.
  • Classes on the “Tabata” system, the essence of which is to repeat each exercise for 20 seconds, after which 10 seconds are allotted to rest. After completion, the cycle is repeated 8 times anew, in total it takes about 4 minutes, and during each trip, you should strive to complete the maximum possible number of repetitions. The technique allows you to effectively burn body fat and independently select suitable exercises, various types of bench press and deadlift are best suited, as well as squats with weights in the form of a bar.

Cardio workout For Weight Loss

Cardio training will be an effective addition to the main training program, you can practice them in the gym, at home or on the street.

The intensity is determined depending on the current body weight, physical fitness, rate of fatigue, health status and the selected program.

Cardio workouts can include the following activities:

  • Jogging outside in good weather.
  • Jogging or brisk walking on the treadmill.
  • Exercise bike classes.
  • Classes on step-trainers.

Split workout

Split training helps you shed fat while targeting several different muscle groups.

The 3-day split program is detailed below:

  • On the first day , the following groups of exercises are performed: reverse twisting and twisting in an incline, lunges and squats with weights, press the lower limbs on the simulator and squats with weights, dumbbell presses in a sitting position and standing arms through the sides with weights. All exercises are performed in 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions, except for the leg press and squats with weights: they require 8-12 and 12-15 repetitions, respectively. As a warm-up and cool down, exercises on a stationary bike are practiced for 10 minutes, between the performance of the listed groups of exercises, 10 minutes are given to running on a treadmill at a moderate pace.
  • On the second day, it is necessary to perform the following groups of exercises: lifting the lower limbs in a hanging position and reverse twisting, pulling the upper blocks with a wide grip and pulling the bar to the level of the belt when tilting, pulling the upper and lower blocks, lifting the bar in a standing position with bending the arms at the elbows and performing the Hammer exercise. For each named exercise, 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions are done; warm-up, cool-down and intermediate runs are carried out in the same way as on the first day.
  • On the third day, you will need to perform the following groups of exercises: dumbbell bench press on an incline bench and lifting arms with weights on a horizontal bench, exercises on the Butterfly simulator and dumbbell press on an incline bench, extension of the arms with weights and press down on the upper block, lifting the barbell from the chest in a standing position and lifting the dumbbells up in front of you. All exercises are performed in 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions; extension of the arms with weight and the press on the upper block are done 8-12 and 12-15 repetitions, respectively. Warm up, cool down and intermediate runs follow the same pattern as on the previous days.

Workout on simulators For Weight Loss

In modern gyms, many different simulators are presented; the following equipment is most effective for losing weight:

  • The elliptical trainer is the main assistant in the fight against excess body weight. It is designed to simulate ski walking or brisk running, and is also suitable for cardio workouts. Another benefit is the minimal impact on the joints, which makes the exercise suitable for people who have recently suffered an injury.
  • The treadmill is another classic weight loss tool found in all gyms. Modern simulators allow you to adjust the angle of inclination and speed of movement to independently determine the appropriate training intensity.
  • Upright and recumbent bikes are similar in design to a regular bike, but without wheels. They are ideal for people with problems with the musculoskeletal system caused by being overweight.
  • A stepper is a trainer for more intense activities that provides increased loads and simulates climbing up stairs. It is recommended primarily for people with knee or foot problems.
  • The rowing machine provides a high degree of stress, so doing exercises on it is a difficult and exhausting process. Its advantages are high efficiency, maximum energy consumption and low risk of injury, despite the complex design of the equipment.
  • An expander, a jump rope, dumbbells and other hand-held exercise machines can effectively complement the main training program and diversify the set of exercises performed. The rotation disc and fitball also belong to the manual variety of simulators, they are recommended for people who want to eliminate excess fat deposits in the abdomen.

Warm up

Warm-up must necessarily precede any exercise in the gym for girls and guys, especially if you plan to perform strength exercises.

Its task is to warm up the muscles, which allows you to train at full strength and minimizes the risk of sprains and other injuries.

For a warm-up, 10-15 minutes is enough: at this time, you can do squats and push-ups, take a light jog, arrange a brisk walk on an incline treadmill, or work out at a moderate pace on any cardio equipment.

Basic exercises For Weight Loss

Basic Exercises For Weight Loss

The basic group includes exercises of a general strengthening type that act on several different muscles at once, it is they who first of all must be mastered and learned to be correctly performed by people who are just starting to visit the gym.

The most effective basic exercises are discussed and described below:

  • Squats work out the legs and work on the gluteal muscles, which is especially important if you need to get rid of excess weight: the tension of these muscle groups leads to the expenditure of a large amount of energy, as a result of which the process of burning calories is stimulated. To do this, it is necessary to master the correct execution technique: during squats, the legs should be shoulder-width apart, elbows laid back, the back is tense, and the shoulder blades are brought together. Squats are often done with a bar that should be taken with a wide grip.
  • The bench press allows you to provide the chest muscles with a load, while the triceps and deltoids develop in parallel. When performing, the bar must be lowered while inhaling, all movements must be smooth, and the bar must move only in the vertical plane. The return of the bar to its original position is carried out when exhaling, at this moment it is necessary to reduce the shoulder blades and bend the back in the lumbar region.
  • Deadlifts are another basic exercise that burns calories effectively; it is aimed at working out the buttocks and muscles of the dorsal group. The exercise is performed from a squat, with the legs apart shoulder-width apart and parallel to each other. The grip on the barbell should be wider than shoulder width apart, and the arms should be upright. All movements are done smoothly; when the bar reaches the level of the knees, you should straighten, bringing the shoulder blades together.
  • Crunches are basic exercises that primarily affect the abs. The classic version is performed lying on your back with legs bent at a right angle, while the arms are behind the head, and the elbows should be apart in different directions. When the body is lifted to the pelvis, the abdominal muscles are strained, the movements should be smooth, sharp jerks are not allowed. When the maximum point is reached, it returns to the starting position.

Exercises for problem areas

There are several of the most problematic areas on the body, which are the most difficult to put in order.

The following are effective exercises that allow you to influence precisely these areas:

  • It is possible to put in order, but at the same time not to pump triceps, by performing an exercise to extend the arms in an incline with weights. Do 2-3 sets of 20 repetitions, 3 times a week. The feeling of tension in the triceps after the end of the session is a sure sign that the loads were selected correctly.
  • Any planks can effectively eliminate belly fat, but it’s better to start with the forearm plank. The correct technique of execution implies the starting position as for classic push-ups, but the emphasis on the floor is made with the elbows, and the body should be a straight line. Being in this position leads to tension in the back, buttocks, hips and abdomen, which should be tried to press against the lower back. The essence of the exercise is to hold the position and the achieved tension for a minute.
  • Plie squats allow you to work on the inner thighs. The technique of execution consists in abducting the pelvis back with lowering the body down until the knee joints are bent at right angles; after that, a smooth return to the starting position takes place. To obtain a positive result, you will need to perform 3 sets, including 20-25 repetitions.

Leg workout

The following superset program will help you lose weight faster:

  • Start of training: warm-up with aerobic activity, duration – 5-10 minutes.
  • Leg press on a special simulator – 20 times, manual dumbbell bench press at an angle in a sitting position – 15 times.
  • Flexion of the legs in the knee area and subsequent extension on the simulator – 20 times, pulling the upper block behind the head – 15 times.
  • Reduction and extension of legs in a sitting position on the simulator – 20 times, lifting on toes on the simulator in a standing position – 20 times.
  • Reverse and classic twisting on the simulator – 15 and 20 times, respectively.
  • Exercise on a stationary bike can be used as a cool-down. A short rest is allowed only between the supersets shown.

Top workout

Loading the upper back and chest is challenging because these muscle groups require highly specialized loading.

You can organize it by training 3 times a week according to the following program:

  • First week: dumbbell bench press in a supine position on an incline bench – 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions, reduction of hands in a crossover in a standing position – 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions, exercises for reduction of hands with the use of the Butterfly simulator – 3 -4 sets of 12-15 reps.
  • Second week: dumbbell bench press in a supine position on a bench without an incline – 4-5 sets of 8-10 repetitions, reduction of arms in a crossover in a standing position – the number of approaches increases to 3-4, convergence of hands on the Butterfly simulator – the number of approaches decreases up to 2-3.
  • Subsequently, the schemes described above should be changed weekly.

Slimming belly

For accelerated weight loss in the abdomen, in addition to basic exercises and exercises, it is recommended to use hand trainers:

  • A regular hoop that can be twisted around the belly is a good addition to the main program; you can use it not only in the gym, but also at home.
  • Orthopedic ball for fitness – classes with it can also be carried out not only in the gym, but also at home.
  • The rotation disc is one of the most effective and convenient hand-held weight loss machines in the abdominal area, it does not require high intensity to work with it. Regular side-to-side rotations of the disc will provide a directed load on the abdominal muscles; to get rid of fat deposits, you need to do it daily, take at least 20 minutes to complete the exercise.

Fat burning workouts

Below is another version of interval fat burning workout, it consists of a number of exercises, each takes half a minute to complete.

The order of execution should be as follows:

  • Jumping up from a sitting position, followed by a return to the starting position. The load will be directed to the shoulders, abdomen, calves and inner thighs.
  • Classic push-ups from the floor, in half a minute you must complete the maximum number of repetitions.
  • A horizontal stand from a seated position on the floor will provide stress on the gluteal muscles, abdomen and arms.
  • Run in place with feet shoulder-width apart and elbows pressed to the body. Exercise will speed up the fat burning process in your glutes, calves, and quads.
  • A classic plank, but with forward jumps by bending the legs at the knees, will provide a load on the abs and the calf group.
  • Performing movements with arms and legs that simulate climbing a wall will have a complex effect on the upper and lower limbs, abdomen and gluteal muscles.
  • A classic plank with alternating right and left knee pulls up to your chest is good for your abs, shoulders, and legs.
  • Running in place with alternately patting the knees and feet of both feet with the palms.

What type of Gym Workout Plan Choose For Weight Loss

What Type Of Gym Workout Plan Choose For Weight Loss

The most effective for weight loss are cardio workouts that provide aerobic exercise. They not only help burn body fat, but also form an attractive body relief; in the future, moderate loads allow maintaining the achieved results much better than dietary complexes.

Cardio training in combination with strength exercises gives good results, but not all exercises are aimed at losing weight, so it is recommended to draw up the program together with a trainer.

How to eat to lose weight?

While visiting the gym for weight loss, it is not at all necessary to follow a grueling dietary complex or fast. The menu should remain balanced and varied, just limit the intake of fats and fast carbohydrates.

The basic principles of nutrition for weight loss are as follows:

  • Protein must continue to be supplied in sufficient volume, otherwise muscle breakdown, hormonal disruption and other problems can occur. Their main sources will be: lean meats, dairy products, seafood, lean fish, legumes, eggs. Proteins should make up 30% of the diet; if necessary, you can use sports nutrition, using protein mixtures.
  • The intake of fats must be limited, but they must still make up 10-15% of the diet so that the functioning of the body is not disturbed. Their main source will be seafood, fish and vegetable oil.
  • Carbohydrates make up 70% of the diet, they will enter the body with the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and wholemeal bread.
  • It is recommended to completely eliminate starch and sugar from the diet.

Summing up, we consider the most popular mistakes that people make when visiting the gym in order to lose weight:

  • Refusal of water for the period of weight loss. The opinion about the advisability of such restrictions is a misconception, the rate of water consumption is calculated individually depending on the weight, but losing weight will require consuming a lot of liquid.
  • Ensuring maximum loads at the initial stage of classes. A gradual increase in intensity should be the basic rule for both beginners and experienced athletes; in the first 1-2 months, it is recommended to perform only half of the norm.
  • Load and activity are important, and the technique of performing the exercises is secondary. In fact, improper exercise may have no beneficial effect or increase the risk of injury.

The terms for which people manage to lose weight in the gym are individual and depend on the frequency and intensity of training, diet, current weight, characteristics of the body of a particular person and other factors.

Regular and intensive training in conjunction with the normalisation of the diet will certainly give a positive result, but the training program and plan must be correctly drawn up and aimed specifically at burning fatty ratios, therefore it is recommended to involve professional trainers to form them.

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