best dumbbell chest exercises without bench at home

Best Dumbbell Chest Exercises Without Bench At Home

You can pump your chest at home using different Dumbbell Chest Exercises Without Bench: push-ups from the floor or on the uneven bars, who has them, of course. But the coolest of these is the dumbbell floor press. And not only because it can be performed without a special equipments or bench , this is understandable. No, this bench press has a lot of other advantages that raise it to the rank of the best chest exercise at home. The benefits of the bench press with dumbbells lying on the floor, the nuances of the execution technique, and its varieties, will be discussed further. 

  • What are the benefits of this exercise for the chest?
  • Bench press vs floor press, which is better?
  • What muscles work on the floor press?
  • Technique for performing a dumbbell press on the floor
  • How to do the floor press correctly?
  • Home Breast Workout Program
  • Exercise options

What is the use of such a chest exercise at home?

What Is The Use Of Such A Chest Exercise At Home?
Dumbbell press from the floor is performed in a shortened amplitude

A distinctive feature of such a dumbbell press is immediately striking – it is performed on the floor. Therefore, it becomes impossible to lower the arms below the level of the chest and thus stretch the pectorals. The amplitude of the movement of the dumbbells is immediately reduced by 20%.

On the one hand, this is a serious minus, because the beauty of dumbbells lies in the fact that they, unlike the barbell, allow you to stretch your muscles more. And, this always has a positive effect on improving their shape and volume. After all, it is not for nothing that they say that you need mass – use a barbell, you need a form – take dumbbells. However, such an exercise, in comparison with the “shop” version, has its own fat pluses. The floor press allows you to:

  • Use more projectile weights
  • Provide high stress levels to the pectoral muscles
  • Increase the strength of all bench muscles
  • Increase direct load on the triceps

And what is important for everyone exercising in quarantine is availability. Few can boast of a bench press (and not just two stools put together), but everyone, without exception, can find a flat surface in an apartment. Simply put, the floor dumbbell press is a complete replacement for the barbell press, a chest exercise at home # 1.

Conclusion: the main feature of such a bench press is a shortened range of motion, and, as a result, an increased load on the chest and triceps.

Bench press Vs floor press, which is better?

In 2016, at the University of the District of Columbia, the Department of Sports Physiology conducted research to find out which of these exercises is better for developing strength? It turned out that the bench press lying on the floor is better than the bench press in this regard by almost 22%. The absence of the lower part of the trajectory is compensated by the increased load in its upper part. Thus, the muscles responsible for the “push” (bringing the dumbbells to the upper, final point) work much more actively in this exercise. This applies not only to the dumbbell press, but the barbell press lying on the floor.

Bench Press Vs Floor Press, Which Is Better?
Bench press on the floor is used to develop strength indicators

University experts recommended that all athletes for whom the growth of strength indicators is an important factor, use the floor press as the main auxiliary exercise. At the same time, it was noted that almost all the load in the “floor” presses goes to the lower part of the pectoral muscles, the rest of the sections almost do not work. According to this parameter, the dumbbell press from the floor loses to the classic version, since the bench press allows you to lower the dumbbells below the level of the body and stretch the pectoral muscles, especially their outer segments (that is, expand the chest).

The floor press builds strength, and the bench press improves form

When swinging the chest in the gym, the main emphasis should be on the “bench” press of dumbbells, and use the floor version as an exercise to increase the muscles of the bench press group. But when exercising at home in quarantine, it can be safely used as the nail of a home breast training program. Such an exercise will allow you to maintain the already gained muscle volumes, and if you are lucky, even increase it.

Conclusion: The bench press with dumbbells wins over the regular bench press in terms of strength development, but loses in terms of improving the shape of the pectoral muscles.

What muscles work on the floor press ?

The exercise is basic, multi-joint, and a large muscle layer immediately takes part in its work:

  • Large and small pectoral muscles
  • Front delta
  • Shoulder rotator muscles
  • Triceps
  • Serrated muscles
  • Abdominal muscles

Note: A correct warm-up is a guarantee of an effective and safe workout. But when it comes to pumping your chest or shoulders , and even outside the walls of the gym, it becomes more important. Therefore, additional warming up of the rotator cuff before starting the chest workout at home will be very helpful.Conclusion: in the bench press with dumbbells on the floor, the chest muscles do the main work. Apart from them, shoulder rotators are also heavily stressed.

Technique for performing a Dumbbell Chest Exercises Without Bench on floor

The technique of performing the press on the floor is not as difficult as that of its “shop” counterpart, since it is much easier to maintain balance, and the amplitude of movement of the shells itself becomes shorter. In a step-by-step algorithm, the floor press looks like this:

Step 1. Put the rug on the floor. We sit on the floor, take dumbbells, put them on the hips and gently lean back with them and lie on our backs. We hold the dumbbells at the chest, line them up, bend our legs and rest them on the floor. We tighten the abdominal muscles, look up. This is the starting position.

Step 2. Take a breath and, pressing the lower back to the floor, squeeze the dumbbells up. At the top point of the arms at the elbows, we do not fully unbend, but we additionally strain the pectoral muscles and make a short delay for one or two. Exhale and very, very smoothly return the dumbbells to their original position.

We swing the chest with dumbbells

Note: the thickness of the mat is of great importance, because doing the exercise with heavy dumbbells on a thin substrate causes significant back discomfort. And you can easily “bump” your elbows on the floor. Therefore, the mat should be wide and dense, preferably rubber, so that the feet do not slip.

Conclusion: the bench press from the floor to the chest as an exercise for home chest training is not particularly difficult, but it requires compliance with a number of conditions.

How to do the floor press correctly?

Even a beginner can pump the chest at home in this way, but despite its simplicity, the dumbbell bench press on the floor has its own subtleties of execution:

  • Legs. The legs are wide and stable. You can even push them against the wall if you want. This will allow you to rigidly fix the body and thereby increase the weight in the exercise.
  • Trajectory. The dumbbells move up and down in an arc and very smoothly, without collision at the top point. It is quite dangerous to bump with them, because you can drop them. But, if lying on a bench, the dumbbells can be thrown down, but in this case there is no such possibility.
  • Inertia. The lowering phase for weight gain is much more important than the lifting phase. This means that you can squeeze the dumbbells up quickly, but you need to lower them as slowly as possible.
  • Hands. Even with a soft and thick rug, you should not drop your hands on the floor. This is a direct road to elbow injury.
  • Voltage. Triceps in this bench press works very actively, but the priority task of the exercise is to pump the chest. This means that the muscles of the chest need to be strained as much as possible, and the triceps, on the contrary, should be tried to relax.

Note: This exercise, in comparison with the others, allows you to use the highest weights. Therefore, it is able to provide the highest level of muscle stress. You need to start your complex with it (in various variations) and not be limited to the usual 4 working approaches. After all, no one bothers to press from the floor in a larger volume, and do, say, 5-6 or even 10 working approaches per workout?

A home Dumbbell Chest Exercises workout program might be:

Week 1
An exerciseApproachesRepetitions
Press from the floor (regular grip, in a line)68
Dumbbell press (narrow neutral grip)410
Push-ups upside down. Legs are supported38
Week 2
Press from the floor (wide neutral grip)515
Press from the floor (each hand in turn)410
Push-ups between two benches with a backpack48

Conclusion: in this exercise, in comparison with others, you can use the largest weight of weights. Therefore, the main emphasis should be placed on its implementation.

Exercise options for Dumbbell Chest Exercises Without Bench

Press with dumbbells on the floor is most often done in the simplest version – the back is pressed, the arms are in a line. But besides this method, there are others. And, importantly, they each have their own strengths.

Wide parallel grip press: best Dumbbell Chest Exercises Without Bench

The whole difference between such an exercise for the chest lies in the position of the hands, they are not located in a line, but parallel to each other. This type of grip is called neutral and is more natural and friendly to our elbows and shoulders.

Wide Parallel Grip Press: Best Dumbbell Chest Exercises Without Bench
Press with a wide neutral grip

Holding dumbbells in this way is easier, which means you can use heavier shells, and, in addition, performing exercises with a neutral grip puts less stress on the joints. In other words, the parallel grip press allows you to pump your pectoral muscles both strongly and safely. It is not for nothing that professional bodybuilders love this type of grip.

Bench press with a narrow parallel grip

As I said, the lion’s share of the work in the floor press is performed by the lower pectoralis major muscle (the very bottom of the chest). But if the dumbbells are deployed, lined up in parallel, pressed strongly against each other and pressed in this way, the emphasis immediately shifts to the inner part of the chest (the so-called hollow).

Bench Press With A Narrow Parallel Grip
Narrow Parallel Grip Dumbbell Press

To pump its middle is the simplest and most effective exercise, both in the gym and at home. So beloved by all “butterfly” and crossover, with a bench press with a narrow parallel grip and do not stand next to.

Bridge Press

From the point of view of developing strength, this type of press is more effective than the usual one, because it allows you to connect the muscles of the back and even the legs. But in terms of pumping the pectorals, he loses, since the load is already distributed over a larger volume of muscles.

Bridge Press
Dumbbell Bridge Press

In addition, moving the body back to the backward tilt position causes a strong blood flow to the head, especially in the last reps. For this reason, older athletes should be very careful when doing the bench press from the bridge position.

Press each hand in turn

One-sided execution (with each arm or leg in turn) of normal exercises is usually the lot of competitive bodybuilders. Thus, they kill three birds with one stone:

  • aligns the development of the right and left sides of the body
  • provide the strongest stress to the loaded muscle group
  • increase the strength and endurance of the articular-ligamentous apparatus

One-handed press can be done while lying and on a bench, but then it becomes difficult to keep the body from falling. But the press of dumbbells on the floor is devoid of this drawback, because you will not fall.

Press Each Hand In Turn
Press dumbbells with each hand in turn

It is easier to do it this way, and the effectiveness is higher. I propose to watch a short story in which the famous X-man, Tony Freeman shares the secrets of breast training in a one-sided manner

Conclusion: The floor press can be done in 5 different ways. And receive their own preferences from each of them.


I hope that my story about this truly best chest exercise at home will be useful and will increase the effectiveness of her workout outside the gym. Write in the comments how you train your chest at home, it will be interesting for me to know. And most importantly, take care of yourself! May the strength be with you. And mass!

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