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If you want to start doing fitness for weight loss and do not know which training program to choose, then you have come to the right place. We have selected the best beginners gym workout female weight loss and exercises and training schemes, which include training on simulators, with free weights, as well as cardio, for the fastest possible weight loss by burning the fat layer.

Benefits of working out in the gym

Benefits Of Working Out In The Gym

When it comes to exercising in the gym, many females react negatively, believing that hardware and equipment will make them masculine. But this is impossible. In the female body, testosterone, the hormone of strength, is not produced enough, so it is simply not realistic to gain a mountain of muscle mass with such a hormonal background. This is what happens during power loads: muscles tone up, a beautiful and athletic silhouette is formed, skin relief is leveled and subcutaneous fat is burned. It turns out that strength training in the gym will make the body even more feminine. Indeed, only with the help of power loads, if desired, can you make rounded and mouth-watering shapes.

Nutrition principles for Beginners Gym Workout Female Weight Loss

Nutrition Principles For Beginners Gym Workout Female Weight Loss

In addition to physical activity, proper nutrition plays a huge role in losing weight. By adhering to simple nutritional rules, you can increase the speed and efficiency of the result by 70%. An unbalanced diet full of calories and sugar will hide beautiful shapes under a layer of fat.

The basic principles of proper nutrition for weight loss :

  1. We remove sweets and flour products from the diet;
  2. We consume complex carbohydrates in the morning;
  3. Do not exclude fats, add 1 – 2 tablespoons of unrefined oil (olive, flaxseed, pumpkin, sesame);
  4. Fruit allowed until 16.00;
  5. Squirrels and vegetables are allowed for dinner;
  6. We consume a lot of water, up to 2 liters per day;
  7. We do not gorge ourselves at night, dinner 3 – 4 hours before bedtime.

Example of a daily diet

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruits, tea or coffee;
  2. Snack: 20 g of nuts, an apple or a banana;
  3. Lunch: steamed rice with vegetables;
  4. Afternoon snack: low-fat cottage cheese, kefir;
  5. Dinner: baked chicken fillet, vegetable salad with olive oil.

Most Effective Fat Burning Exercises

The more muscles and joints the exercise involves, the more effective it is for losing weight. Thus, the body spends more energy than isolating one muscle. Exercises should be performed with free weights: barbells, dumbbells, weights.

The more the body needs to maintain balance and overall tone, the more calories are burned. Such exercises can involve additional equipment – fitball, medicine ball, boss. All exercises should be performed the maximum number of times, from 20 to 30 repetitions per set.

Basic and isolation exercises

  • twisting at an angle;
  • lunges with weights, wide deep steps with weights (can be complicated by connecting steps with a chain);
  • extension, flexion of the legs;
  • push ups;
  • lifting hands with weight;
  • lifting legs;
  • hyperextension;
  • barbell squats;
  • push-ups on the legs or knees;
  • squats, squats-plie, on one leg;
  • run;
  • exercise on a stationary bike, ellipse;
  • jumping rope;
  • swimming;
  • lifting dumbbells;
  • pull-ups;
  • block thrust;
  • barbell bench press;
  • deadlift, Romanian;
  • dumbbell bench press;
  • hyperextension.

What Beginners Gym Workout Female Weight Loss

What Beginners Gym Workout Female Weight Loss

Circular workouts

We can say that circular training is most suitable for the female body to lose weight and increase the tone of the whole body. First, they include all muscle groups in one session. Exercises are performed in a circle, moving from one to another without rest. Secondly, the accelerated pulse is constantly maintained, which is necessary for fat burning. After such training, the muscles have time to recover quickly. 1 – 2 days are enough for rest.

Fitness program

A variety of areas of fitness in sports clubs, makes it possible to choose any load and variety of workouts. For example, step aerobics remains the most popular activity for women. Such areas as: functional training, aerobics, fitball, of course, will help with losing weight, but “blind” beautiful forms, it will still work in the gym.

A set of exercises for training in the gym 3 times a week

1st day

  • Twisting on the press;
  • Leg extension in the simulator;
  • Pull of the upper block to the chest;
  • Lying leg curls;
  • Information of the legs in the simulator;
  • Traction of the lower block to the chest;
  • Standing barbell curls.

2nd day

  • Side crunches;
  • Bench press lying on an incline bench;
  • “Butterfly”;
  • Deadlift;
  • Bending one leg while standing;
  • Raising your legs to the press.

3rd day

  • Twisting on the press;
  • Push-ups from the bench;
  • Extension of arms on the upper block;
  • Weighted lunges;
  • Sumo squats with dumbbells;
  • Pushups;
  • Leg extension while sitting in the simulator.

Fat burning complex for Female Weight Loss

Fat Burning Complex For Female Weight Loss

An effective fat burning complex can include both strength training and cardio. It can also be called interval. The essence of the lesson is that after performing the exercise in the simulator or with free weight, without rest, cardio exercise begins (running, jumping in place and with a rope). The complex is performed in a non-stop mode, which does not allow you to rest, maintaining a constant level of calorie burning.

Mon:  Basic exercises for major muscle groups

  • Leg press in the simulator – 5 x 8-10;
  • Romanian deadlift with a barbell – 5 x 8-10;
  • Pull-ups in the gravitron (or pull of the upper block) – 5 x 8-10;
  • Seated dumbbell press – 4 x 10-12;
  • Push-ups – 4 x 8-10;
  • Plank – 4 x 40-60 sec.

Rest between sets – 2-5 minutes.

Tue:  HIIT cardio workout

  • Running on the track at a fast pace – 2 minutes;
  • Plank – 1 minute;
  • Burpee – 1 minute;
  • Punches (on a pear or “imaginary opponent”) – 1 minute.

4 circles, exercises are performed without interruption. Rest between circles – 1-3 minutes

Wed:  Low Weight Fat Burning Workout

  • Walking lunges with dumbbells, -4 x 10-12 (for each leg);
  • Ascent to the step platform – 4 x 10-12;
  • Romanian deadlift on one leg with dumbbells or in a crossover – 4 x 10-12;
  • Kettlebell Swings – 4 x 10-12;
  • Wide grip pull of the upper block to the chest – 4 x 10-12;
  • Lying leg raises – 4 x 12-20.

Rest between sets – 1-4 minutes.

Thurs:  Rest.

Fri:  Combined Upper and Lower Body Supersets

  • Wide Leg Squats (Barbell, Dumbbell, or Crossover Squat) + Upper Block Row
  • Lunges with dumbbells + lifting arms through the sides while standing
  • Hyperextension + raising arms through the sides in an incline;
  • Leg curl in the simulator + reduction of arms in the butterfly simulator;
  • Glute bridge on the floor + lying body twisting;
  • Rise on socks with dumbbells + extension of the arms from behind the head.

Each superset has 3 sets of 12-15 reps. Rest between sets – 2-3 minutes.

Sat:  45-60 minutes of low-intensity cardio on a treadmill, ellipse, or stationary bike

Sun:  Rest.

Power loads

By using exercise machines and free weights, you can achieve a good slimming effect. When exposed to strength training, muscles are also capable of burning fat, just as with aerobic exercise. Especially if the largest muscles are being trained, such as: quadriceps and hamstrings, gluteal muscles, back and chest muscles. For weight loss, it is important to constantly do multi-repetitive exercises without rest.

Cardio workout

Running in the gym or in the park, orbit tracks, steppers and exercise bikes are great helpers in burning fat. The task of cardio load is to increase the efficiency of the heart system. True, such training works better with strength training in combination. Indeed, after a power load, fat burning continues, and this is also associated with further muscle recovery, which also consumes energy from subcutaneous fat.

Split Workout – 3 Days a Week Plan Beginners Gym Workout Female Weight Loss

1st day

Running on a treadmill or exercise bikeBe sure to perform at least 10 mi as a warm-up.
Oblique crunches
Reverse crunches
3 x 10-15
3 x 10-15
Running on a treadmill10 minutes
Squats with a barbell on the shoulders
Lunges with dumbbells
3 x 10-15
3 x 10-15
Running on a treadmill10 minutes
Leg Press Squats with dumbbells between the legs
3 x 8-12
3 x 12-15
Running on a treadmill10 min
Dumbbell press sitting overhead
Raising arms with dumbbells through the sides in a standing position
3 x 10-15
3 x10-15
Running on a treadmill10 minutes

2nd day

Running on a treadmill or exercise bikeBe sure to perform at least 10 minutes as a warm-up.
Feet rise in the vise
3 x 10-15
3 x 10-15
Running on a treadmill10 minutes
Rows of the upper block in the simulator to the chest with a wide grip
Row of the bar to the belt in the slope
3 x 10-15
3 x 10-15
Running on a treadmill10 minutes
Row of the upper block behind the head
Rows of the lower block
3 x 10-12
3 x 12-15
Running on a treadmill10 min
Flexion of the arms at the elbow with a barbell while standing.
Exercise “Hammer”
3 x 10-15
3 x 10-15
Running on a treadmill10 minutes

3rd day

Running on a treadmill or exercise bikeBe sure to perform at least 10 minutes as a warm-up.
Dumbbell press lying on an incline bench
Raising arms with dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench
3 x 10-15
3 x 10-15
Running on a treadmill10 minutes
Dumbbell press lying on an incline bench
Reduction of hands in the “butterfly” simulator
3 x 10-15
3 x 10-15
Running on a treadmill10 minutes
Extension of arms with a dumbbell while sitting from behind the head
Press down on the upper block
3 x 8-12
3 x 12-15
Running on a treadmill10 min
Bench press standing from the chest
Raising arms with dumbbells in front of you
3 x 10-15
3 x 10-15
Running on a treadmill10 minutes

Strength split training includes a set of exercises aimed at working out 1 – 2 muscle groups in one session. Therefore, on Monday you can train the legs and shoulders, on Wednesday – chest and triceps, on Friday – back, biceps. Of course, doing this type of workout with a lot of repetitions, while eating right, can lose weight. Since in split workouts you need to rest between sets of 2 – 3 minutes, the heart rate decreases, which slows down the burning process. Indeed, for weight loss, the female body is still most suitable for endurance work.

How to draw up Beginners Gym Workout Female Weight Loss Plan properly

Take circuit training as an example for weight loss. First of all, it is necessary to compose a set of exercises, starting with large muscles, starting with the legs, and ending with smaller ones – the muscles of the arms and the press. One exercise per muscle group is enough. If you are working on the hamstrings, be sure to include the antagonist muscle, the opposite muscle – the quadriceps. And also, when working on the back, include the pectorals in the work. Train your lower back and abs in one workout. Having built the lesson in this way, the muscles will develop evenly, maintaining balance in the muscle corset. Since with a strong lower back, but a weak press, the correct position of the spine is disturbed. The lower back bends, and the stomach seems to fall out forward, since the abdominal muscles are not in good shape.

Features of cardio for Females

For the female body, as well as for the male, it is important to reduce adipose tissue, not muscle, because the loss of muscle protein with improper cardio will not make the body beautiful. The fat will remain in place. To burn only adipose tissue, you need to keep the heart rate zone from 120 – 160 beats per minute. The duration of cardio training does not exceed one hour.

Versatile weight loss program in the gym

Everyone’s body is completely different and this must be taken into account when choosing a complex. If there are no injuries and any disorders of the musculoskeletal system, you can safely start exercising. Initially, the muscles should tone up, and the correct technique should be worked out.
Training on simulators

Warm up

Warming up is an essential part of strength training. It eliminates the possibility of injuring muscles and ligaments. Warm muscles are the basis for effective training. It can last from 10 to 15 minutes, this time will be quite enough. To warm up, you can do a brisk walk on the incline of the treadmill, do a light jog, or choose any cardio equipment.

Basic Exercises on Leg Trainers

Seated Leg Extension

  1. Sitting in the block simulator, install the back of the simulator and put our legs under the roller;
  2. We select the required weight so as to complete 25 repetitions;
  3. Exhale: we unbend the knees at the expense of the quadriceps, without straightening them to the end, without overloading the knee joint;
  4. Inhale: slowly lower your legs to the starting position. We carry out 3 approaches.

Leg curl in the lying machine

  1. Lying on our stomach, we put our feet under the roller;
  2. We hold on to the handle, keep the lower back pressed;
  3. Exhale: we bend the knees, bring the roller to the buttocks due to the biceps of the thigh, without connecting the lower back to the work;
  4. Inhale: smoothly lower the feet, without a jerk. We perform 20 – 25 times in 3 sets.

Leg press

  1. We install the feet on the bench press platform, slightly expanding the socks on the sides;
  2. Inhale: remove the clamps, firmly pressing the lower back, gently lower the platform, bending the knees, without lifting the tailbone. We bring the angle at the knees to 90 degrees;
  3. Exhale: squeeze the platform with the effort of the hips and buttocks, without straightening the knees completely. We repeat up to 25 times. Perform 3 sets.

Abduction of the hip in the block back

  1. We install the roller above the heel, hold on to the handle, keeping the body in a stationary position. The supporting leg is slightly bent at the knee;
  2. Exhale: we take the thigh back, lifting it up due to the hamstring and gluteal muscles. The body remains without sagging in the lower back;
  3. Inhale: slowly lower the foot to the level of the supporting foot. We perform 3 sets of 20 – 25 times.

Seated Hip Abduction

  1. Sitting in the hip stretcher, set feet and knees, lower back pressed against the back of the exercise machine;
  2. Exhale: we move the hips to the sides due to the abducting muscles. We carry out without jerking;
  3. Inhale: we bring our legs back to the starting position. We perform 25 times in 3 sets.

Seated Hip Adduction

  1. We install the simulator in the retracted position of the legs and fix the stretch. In this case, the muscles should not be strongly stretched, there should be no pain;
  2. Exhale: we bring the knees together due to the adductor muscles of the thigh;
  3. Inhale: smoothly release the tension, return to the starting position. Repeat 25 times 3 sets.

Exercises for the trunk

Head pulldown

  1. We place our hands on the crossbar of the upper block with a wide grip;
  2. Exhale: perform a pull for the head, bring the shoulder blades together, feeling the tension of the back muscles;
  3. Inhale: smoothly, without a jerk, raise your hands to the starting position. Perform 20 – 25 times in 3 sets.

Butterfly (mixing hands in a block trainer)

  1. Sitting on the simulator, we set the handles on the sides at shoulder level. The elbows are slightly bent, looking back. The chest is open;
  2. Exhale: we bring the handles due to the effort of the pectoral muscles, keeping the sternum rounded;
  3. Inhale: we smoothly spread our arms to the sides to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of 20 – 25 times.

Seated Dumbbell Press

  1. Sitting on a bench, we hold dumbbells over our shoulders, elbows look down;
  2. Exhale: squeeze the dumbbells up from the chin;
  3. Inhale: slowly return down.

Triceps Extension

  1. Standing, legs are steady along the width of the pelvis. Hold the handle of the upper crossover block with a narrow grip. The elbows are pressed to the body, the forearm is parallel to the floor;
  2. Exhale: we unbend the elbows due to the triceps, the handle drops to the hips;
  3. Inhale: slowly return to the starting position.

Lifting dumbbells for biceps

  1. Standing, legs are the width of the pelvis, dumbbells are in the hands, elbows are pressed to the body;
  2. Exhale: bend the elbows at the expense of the biceps, raise the dumbbells to the shoulders, without lifting the elbows from the body. Brushes unfold at the top;
  3. Inhale: lower the dumbbells to the hips.

Exercises to burn fat in the abdomen and sides

Raising the body

  1. Lying on the floor, knees bent, arms along the body;
  2. Exhale: we twist at the expense of the abdominal muscles, with a round back we rise to the knees;
  3. Inhale: gradually spread the round back on the floor. Run 30 times.

Raising the legs

  1. Lying on the floor, hands under the buttocks, legs straight;
  2. Exhale: raise your legs up without lifting your lower back;
  3. Inhale: lower your legs to the floor, holding your lower back with your abdominal muscles. We repeat 30 times.

Side crunches

  1. Lying on your back, hands behind your head, knees bent over the canopy, shoulder blades torn off the floor;
  2. Exhale: twisting into a diagonal due to the oblique muscles of the abdomen, we stretch our elbows to the opposite knee;
  3. Inhale: we return to the center, legs are overhang, shoulder blades are torn off the floor;
  4. Exhale: we twist to the other side, the elbow of the other hand stretches to the opposite knee;
  5. Inhale: return to center. Repeat 30-40 times.

Proper nutrition after exercise

After a strength load, the muscles need recovery. The intake of necessary substances from food can help this. Muscles need proteins and carbohydrates, even when losing weight, even when gaining muscle mass. Within 40 minutes after training, you need to get protein and carbohydrates. The resulting substances will be used to restore muscles, calories will be completely burned without being stored in the form of fat. Therefore, do not be afraid of good nutrition after exercise. On the other hand, during hunger, there is a reserve of fat, as the body is under stress. After training, the following are allowed: cereals, vegetables, boiled eggs, baked lean meat, fish, seafood and dairy products.

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